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Trunnion Titanium ball valve

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 Trunnion Titanium ball valve


Titanium ball valve

Ball valve

Manual Valve

trunnion ball valve

Technical Specification

Design Standard: API, ASME, EN, ISO, JIS, DIN, BS, GB

Connection type: Flange, Wafer, SW, NPT, BW

Pressure range: 150LB~1500LB, 1.0MPa~25.0MPa, JIS10K~100K

Size range: NPS3/8”-32”, DN10~DN800

Drive: Lever, Gear, Electric, Pneumatic actuator


Design Feature:

Resilient seal or metal to metal seal

Full bore or Reduce bore

Fire safe design, Anti-static device, Blow-out proof stem,

Double block and bleed function

Grease injection for seat & stem

Cavity pressure self-relief         

Optional lockable device

Anti-leakage design packing & packing box

ISO 5211 mounting pad

The surface form a protective film after Hard face treatment for trim. It not only improves anti-corrosion performance, but also can open and close easily because of improved surface hardness.



Main Part Material :

Titanium Gr2、Gr3、Gr5、Gr6、Gr7、Gr12

Titanium GrC2、GrC3、GrC5、GrC6、Ti-Pd7B、GrC12

Titanium GrF2、GrF3、GrF5、GrF6、GrF7、GrF12

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