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EVOH PEX Oxygen Barrier Pipe

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 EVOH PEX Oxygen Barrier Pipe

1, smooth, light,easy to install
2, Meet high temperature and pressure(95, 10bar)
3, Really cross linked pipe
4, used in floor heating and hot water pipe systems
5, Type:Pex-a and pex-b

6, resistant to atmospheric corrosion, restrain the growth of algae and fouling
7, low flow resistance: Smooth inner wall results in no sacale accumulation, and water
Energy loss is 30% lower than metal pipes
8. Non-toxic and harmless: Our pipes are suitable or eligible for different sanitation demand of drinking water. And thermal fusion welding is implied and makes the
Installation more convenience and much safer
9. Excellent heat preservation for water supply and need not to use extra insulation round the pipes of supply hot water


1. Large temperature resistant area:-40

2.Smooth interior pipe surface, low fluid resistance, large outpouring capacity

3. Long life cycle (50 years working life under 70°C)

4. Easy to bend, no rebound

5. Lightweight, easy to carry and store

6. Few sockets, leakage decreasing

7.Easy to install, extensive applicability,has fewer connections and fittings.

1. Cold and hot water system for buildings                               

2.Air-condition system and sewage treatment system.                     

3.Concentration heating system in the residential houses                  

4. Floor radiant heating system and snow melting system of airport and traffic network.  

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