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 "Technical Department is specially set up by Zhejiang Lilies Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd. It has boasted many outstanding technicians with rich experience ,first-class assembly and check equipment. 
We whole-heartedly offer comprehensive services including personnel training ,technical support and information collecting.  Fence Profile
If you are a new comer in this field, you may be unfamiliar with this trade and busy running everywhere to look for information. Then, come to our department. We boast different kinds of 
information on plants of plastic window machinery and hardware accessory production .We can offer arrangement and design for you for workers , equipment, water, electricity and gas. Meanwhile, 
we can provide trade policies, development information and guiding books on the production to help you make analyze on the economic efficiency...
when you receive projects, you may worry about the inexactness in budget, which will result in lo... [More Information]

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