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TF card and SD card connector

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Note: When it comes to card holder connectors, there are TF card connector and SD card connector, which are one of the commonl

When it comes to card holder connectors, there are TF card connector and SD card connector, which are one of the commonly used connectors in mobile phones or computers, and they are indispensable components in the development of electronic products industry.


TF card refers to T-flash card, also known as micro SD card. TF card connector refers to the place where TF memory card is inserted. According to specifications, it can be divided into self-elastic card connector, PUSH card connector, short card connector, long card connector, patch card connector, and flip cover type card connector.


SD Card, short for Secure Digital Card, is the most widely used data storage Card today.Due to the advantages of low price, large storage capacity, convenient use, versatility and strong security, it is widely used in the digital era.


Compared with TF card,SD card is a big card and TF card is a small card. They are all a kind of memory card. SD card is generally a big memory card for cameras, while TF card is a small memory card for mobile phones.As capacity grew, TF CARDS has begun to be used in GPS devices, portable music players, and some flash drives.


Since the TF card has the smallest size, an adapter can be inserted to convert it into an SD card. When an SD card is used, however, an SD card cannot be converted into a TF card in general.


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