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Jet Tex Chemical company

tea Bag filter paper,Pigments,Direct Dye,Reactive Dye,OBA
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Wood Fired Bolier

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  • Shipment within 6 days since the date of payment.

  • Mahrooff M (Mr.)
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We are a trading companyWe do export and import.Textile chemical, Dye, pigments, Tea, Tea bag filter paper etc

Wood Fired Bolier features description:

Jet Tex Chemical company's operation include Tea, ,

In addition, Jet Tex Chemical company is a professional Suppliers Related products include boiler italy, quick boiler, boilers, boiler , turkey boilers, noodle boiler, boiler blower, cross boiler, seam boiler,

Sales areas tea Bag filter paper,Pigments,Direct Dye,Reactive Dye,OBA
Company address 720 B Negambo Road

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  • Company Name:

    Jet Tex Chemical company

  • Address: 720 B Negambo Road
  • Area: Sri Lanka
  • Tel: 94-77188-0078
  • Fax: 94
  • Address:
  • Contacts: Mahrooff M ( Mr. )
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