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Jinke Drilling Machinery Co., Ltd

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 We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best quality and high–tech products.
Zhangjiakou Xuanhua Jinke Drilling Machinery Co., Ltd (JK Drilling) is a large enterprise specialized in development and manufacture of all kinds of DTH Drilling Equipment. The major products include JK series DTH rock drilling rigs and JKS series DTH well drilling rigs.
The DTH rock drilling rigs are widely used in blasthole drilling of mining, hydropower, transportation and defense projects, as well as harbor and channel construction; DTH well drilling rigs are specialized in drilling the boreholes of large diameter and depth, for instance, water well drilling and geothermal well drilling.  
JK Drilling has established a mature and completed after-sales service team, who can provide the strong supports to clients and customers from both domestic and abroad.
In drilling rig industry, JK Drilling's innovations have been relentless. It's dedicated ... [More Information]

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