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3 Axis Wood CNC Machine with Affordable Price

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3 Axis Wood CNC Machine with Affordable Price

Main Features:

1.Options of multi-spindle for different works of vertical hole drilling, slot cutting, engraving by one machine;

2.Advanced software makes the cutting easy and simple, also, saves much material and labor cost

3.Double table structure for Furniture Used 3 Axis CNC Router Table Machine For Sale to shift working station automatically, greatly improving work efficiency.

4.Powerful servo motors driving with high precision and speed.

5.imported linear square guide,convenient operation, high precision, long life time.

6.Intelligent computer control system with break point memory and re-engraving after break point and power failure.

7.Heavy T type machine bed with strong rigidity, no deformation and no shake after a long time working.

Technical parameters
Item Specification
Model JSW- 1325D Furniture Used 3 Axis CNC Router Table Machine For Sale
Working size 1300x2500x200mm
Max Working Speed 25000mm/min
Positioning Accuracy ±0.03/300mm
Re-positioning Accuracy ±0.03mm
Spindle Power 3.5KW/4kw/6KW
Spindle Speed 0-24000RPM
Table Surface Double table + vacuum table
transmission Rack and Pinion for Y axis, Ball Screw for X/ Z axis
Command Language G Code, *uoo, *mmg, *plt
Operating System Taiwan Syntec control system
Computer Interface USB Flash Memory 128M (U Disk)
Software Compatibility Type3 software, Wentai software, Artcam software
Power Supply 3-phase, 380V, 50Hz/60Hz
Working Environment Temp: 0-45℃, humidity: ≤80%, No condensation

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