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automatic plantain production line for factory

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 Introduction of commercial plantain/banana chips production line:

This hot selling plantain chips making line is designed for small and medium chip makers. We offer three different models of 150 kg/h, 300 kg/h, 500 kg/h ,1000kg/h and more other capacity for you. This commercial plantain chips production line is cheap and efficient, and is the best choice for processing banana chips.
Main equipment of commercial plantain chips making machine:
Features of hot selling plantain chips making line:
1,This french fries making line is automated, which can save labor and reduce the cost of machine operation.
2, All machines are made of stainless steel 304.
3, Advanced technology guarantees the plant lower energy cost and lower labor cost.
4, The installation project can be customized according to customers' factory.
Introduction of the main machine for plantain chips making machine :
1. Plantain chips peeling machine:This machine can peel the banana with high efficiently. On the premise of not damaging the pulp of the banana, it can completely separate the peel of the banana, and the machine can automatically separate the peel.
2.Plantain Chips Cutting Machine: this machine is new designed and developed, it is special used to slice plantain to be slice. The thickness of finished plantain chips is adjustable. Made of stainless steel 304.
3. French fries frying machine:oil-water separation system is used. This extends the life of the oil. This kind of fryer is a continuous work, automatic feeding and automatic unloading, the conveyor unloads the material through the conveyor.
4. The degreasing machine adopts anti-impact system and adopts centrifugal principle, electromagnetic brake, digital automatic control, stainless steel and other equipment. Food will not be thrown out during deoiling process.
5, French fries seasoning machine:The seasoning machine can realize automatic mixing materials, so also called it the drum food seasoning machine, easy to use.
Advantages of the production of French fries line:
1, Stainless steel, easy to operate, high productivity and high efficiency.
2, Made of stainless steel, advanced technology, long service life.
3, The machines meet stringent international quality standards.
4, Very reasonable price for the equipment. 

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