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Integral Finned Tubes for Cement Plant

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 China integral finned tubes supplier offers custom integral finned tubes for waste heat exchanger recovery in cement plant, high heat transfer efficiency.
The most widely used finned tubes are made by a high-frequency welding method, they are widely used in waste heat recovery in electric power, metallurgy, cement industry and petrochemical industry. The high-frequency welding finned tube is the production method by finned the steel pipe by steel trip with a certain pressure by using the skin effect and the proximity effect of the high-frequency current to heat the outer surface of the steel strip to the plastic or melting state. Compared with inlaying, brazing finned tube, high-frequency welding finned tube is more advanced in terms of product quality with up to 95% fin weldability, productivity and automation.
The most advanced finned tube is produced by hot rolled from thick-walled seamless steel tubes. The thick-walled seamless steel pipe is rolled into the integral finned tube in one process to achieve designed tube thickness, fin height, fin pitch by rolling blades distributed in the circumferential direction at 120° while heated the steel pipe to 900-950℃ by medium frequency induction from 2000HZ to 2500HZ. The finned tube is integral and with the smooth joint surface.

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