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power trowel,engines,polishing machines,concrete polishing machines
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Power Trowel


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  • Shipment within 6 days since the date of payment.

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FULL-TRACKA CONCRETE POLISHING MACHINE WITH FUTURESpecifications :Nature Cage WorkEngineWeightFloatingComboFinishFT43286 Cm80 Cm6.5 HP80 KgxxxFT43696 Cm90 Cm6.5 HP89 KgxxxFT448126 Cm120 Cm9 HP110 KgxxxBladesThe blades at traditional machines are attached with two bolts which are screwed by two holes in the arm. This affirmative method can cause serious injuries to, hands and fingers during unscrewing these bolts. FULL-TRACK machines use one bolt on the ...

Power Trowel features description: Place of Origin: Shanghai domestic (Mainland)Product Name: FULL-TRACKModel Number: FT-432Power Source: Gasoline

FULL-TRACK's operation include ,

In addition, FULL-TRACK is a professional Suppliers Related products include concrete plaster, concrete beaded, carbide concrete, concrete trowel blade, concrete sweeper, element concrete, concrete elevator, flower concrete, concrete,

Sales areas power trowel,engines,polishing machines,concrete polishing machines
Company address RAM drive 30

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