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KUOBAO Magnetic Pump

  • KUOBAO Magnetic Pump

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  • Aly Yu (Mr.)
  • 2020-01-15


 A&S Pump Co.,Ltd can supplies KUOBAO magnetic drive pumps:
KUOBAO Magnetic Pump MPX Series:
MPX-250, MPX-251,
MPX-257, MPX-258, 
MPX-440, MPX-441
KUOBAO Self Priming Centrifugal Magnetic Pump MPH Series:
MPH440,  MPH441, 
MPH452,  MPH453,
MPH455,  MPH565
KUOBAO Magnetic Pump MP Series:
MP20,       MP-203S(H),
MP-204S(H), MP-255S(H), 
MP-257S(H), MP-258S(H)
Other KUOBAO pump types we supply:
KUOBAO Chemical Pump
Kuobao Eelectrode Plated Tank
Kuobao Plating Bath Filter
All the pump brands of magnetic pump we provide: Iwaki magnetic pump, Pan World magnetic pump, Mikawa magnetic pump, Sanso magnetic pump, Wilo magnetic pump, ASSOMA magnetic pump, SEIKOW TEXEL magnetic pump, Armek magnetic pump, SUNSUN magnetic pump, Kuobao magnetic pump, etc.
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